Calm and Gentle

"I have been coming to see Erin Alexander at the Victoria Community Acupuncture spa for many years. I have found her calm and gentle nature. Very soothing whenever I came in feeling stressed or anxious. She has an abundance of knowledge and is happy to share and give suggestions when I had an issue to deal with. Everything from Qi Gong energy exercises, to Chinese medicine, recipes for tea. She is a very helpful and caring practitioner, and I have enjoyed every session with her."


Grounded and Reassuring

"Erin’s grounded and reassuring presence has encouraged me to feel comfortable and open to benefiting from treatment. Her treatments are thorough, thoughtful and effective. Thank you for your care Erin."


Loving and Caring

"Erin has been my acupuncturist for many years now. Her loving and caring nature is shown in how amazing her skills are.

She is very intuitive and knows exactly how to treat whatever ails you while providing you with comfort. Her knowledge and experience are felt with every needle tenderly placed for the best healing outcome.

She truly is a pure gentle warm-hearted person that I've been blessed to know. "

An Excellent Practitioner

"I first met Erin when I was a student at Oshio College. I felt comfortable around her from the start and was very impressed by her poise and manner. She has always done her best to answer my many questions and has offered her time to supervise my needle techniques. When I doubted myself, she believed in me and gave me strength to continue pursuing my training. Through the years, she has been instrumental to my evolution as an acupuncturist and more importantly, as a human being. Her treatments are powerful, yet gentle, and her approach to treating is easy to receive. Erin is very intuitive and has an extensive knowledge base to draw upon. She is an excellent practitioner and I trust her implicitly. She is adept at treating a wide range of conditions with great results, whenever I have had questions in my own practice I have consulted her for her expertise. I have also referred patients to her who have benefited greatly from receiving her care. She is a wonderful resource and a charming individual, I feel very lucky and blessed to have crossed paths with her in this lifetime." 


Gentle and Kind

"Thank you for the wonderful acupuncture and cupping treatments Erin. Your gentle, kind and warm personality make it a very comforting experience."

Thorough and Effective

"Erin’s grounded and reassuring presence has encouraged me to feel comfortable and open to benefiting from treatment. Her treatments are thorough, thoughtful and effective. Thank you for your care Erin." 


Highly Recommend

"Erin Alexander is the consummate professional when she is in the midst of treating her patients, yet always has the time to make one feel welcome, comfortable and safe in her hands.  Her practice is calm, confident and thorough in manner.  I have been receiving treatments from her for a number of years now for a variety of things including tinnitus, headaches, seasonal allergies and significantly, BPH.  Erin is an active listener who uses her skills and detailed knowledge of specific accupuncture techniques and, when indicated, the prescription of targeted TCM herbs to consistently make a significant impact on her patient’s well-being. The range of ailments that can be treated through a skilled acupuncturist and TCM herbalist is vast.  I have no doubt most people can benefit and find relief in the hands of Erin Alexander. I highly recommend her."

Immediate Results for Pain and Inflammation

"I have been seeing Erin for acupuncture treatments since  May 2021 .

I have found that acupuncture gives me the most immediate results for body pain and inflammation due to arthritis, as opposed to massage which seems to trigger it.

Erin’s approach is gentle and calming, and very thorough.  Her expertise in both acupuncture and Chinese medicine have worked well together to help resolve body pain, insomnia, and gut issues.  I always feel completely relaxed and refreshed after my treatments, and I love the atmosphere in the clinic. Direct billing is also a bonus!"

Wise and Knowledgeable 

"Erin is a healer. Caring and kind, she immediately welcomes you into a safe space where you will be heard.

Her gentle advice is always provided along with useful education and rationale.

The impact Erin’s practice has had on my health and wellbeing is immeasurable – she has helped me learn to create stillness and harmony within my body during times of stress.

Her wisdom and knowledge are balanced by her inquisitiveness and genuine wonder at the body’s ability to heal – I cannot recommend her acupuncture and TCM practice enough."

Always Learning

"As a practitioner Erin is deeply committed to her own learning and to finding treatments that support the long-term health of her patients. She is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (which is so much more than acupuncture) and is often taking master classes and apprenticeships with various experts."


Helps with Migraines

"I always look forward to my acupuncture treatments with Erin. With her soft-spoken and caring demeanour, Erin takes time to carefully listen and thoughtfully assess my overall health. The treatment is gentle and comfortable, effectively allowing my body to shift into healing. I feel amazing walking out after a treatment.

Acupuncture has made a noticeable difference in my daily life, particularly surrounding my migraine headaches and effects from post concussion syndrome. I am committed to receiving regular treatments for balancing and maintaining my overall sense of well-being and good health."


Intuitive and Skilled

"I have known Erin for six years and have visited her for a wide range of health challenges including chronic pain, hoarseness, fatigue and hot flashes. Erin takes a whole person approach to solving health problems with quiet confidence, intuition and thoughtfulness. My health challenges have always been improved and/or resolved and I always leave her treatments feeling peaceful, cared for and supported."



Supportive and Caring

"Erin personifies the definition of what a care provider should be. Not only is she knowledgeable but she deeply cares about my whole being, body and mind. Erin helped me successfully navigate my journey through infertility, achieving a healthy pregnancy naturally (at 45), during postpartum recovery and even supported my new born through digestive issues with gentleness and care. Being treated by Erin is one of my top ten best decisions"

Helps me Sleep and Relax

"I have been a client of Erin for 8+ years, she’s been working her magic on me to help my body recover from stressful financial times, job changes, home renos and pregnancies. She has a smoothing presence and gentle relaxing touch. She seems to easily locate the areas that are hurting and treat them. Her acupuncture session help me sleep like a baby, my body relaxes, muscles seem less sore and even my brain’s thousand voices & whisperings seem to apace."

Wonderful with Children

"Erin has a generous way of viewing others and caring for their needs. In her treatment of children, she actively supports the child and the parents in their health goals through treatments and also through practical (and reasonable) advice that meets the family where they are. Initially I took my 5 year old child to Erin for skin and toileting troubles and Erin determined that symptoms were also from disruption to digestion and sleep. Through a series of treatments including tui na and herbal teas and external skin support troubles were resolved! We have also seen Erin for wintertime immune support, common colds and chronic skin troubles with excellent results."



Patient and Gentle

"I’ve been deeply fortunate to have Erin as a practitioner over the years.  She’s met me with patience and incredible gentleness while I navigated through some big health hurdles.  She brings a light touch with the needles, calm demeanor and deep care for her patients.  I highly recommend working with her!"


Spring Wellness Clinic
2604 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4E4